My Humor Book

25 of my humor pieces collected in one volume, in print or for ereader.

"Miss Polly Frost is the Edith Wharton of her generation." --E. Jean Carroll, Elle columnist and life advisor at

The Bannings

A family-themed psychological suspense novel that asks the question: if you come from a dysfunctional family, is it better to cut ties, or forgive and reunite? Co-written with my husband, Ray Sawhill.

Sex Scenes

All 17 episodes of "Sex Scenes" are now available as MP3 downloads.

Each just $0.99!

Featuring the voices of 33 top NYC actors, "Sex Scenes" is an audio comedy set in Hollywood.

More info is here.

And here.

The Fold

A sci fi burlesque comedy co-created with Ray Sawhill and director, Matt Lambert.

Anthologies I'm In

Includes my humor piece "Plan 10 from Zone R-3."

Ray Sawhill & I co-wrote the play "The Last Artist in NYC" selected for Best Short Plays.

Two of my humor pieces were selected for this anthology.

Two more of my humor pieces were selected for this anthology.

Includes my comic, supernatural story "Cell Mates" about a woman's obsessive relationship with her cellphone.

My comic one-act play "Detention," co-written with Ray Sawhill, was selected for this anthology.


Deep Inside

"If I directed some of these fantasies, I'd either be the world's greatest adult film director or I'd be in jail. Enjoy this. I certainly did." -- Ron Jeremy, porn legend

First published by Tor in 2007, "Deep Inside" became a cult erotica book and also received praise from The Austin Chronicle, Maxim Jakubowski and Rachel Kramer Bussel.