Deep Inside

"Deep Inside" is a collection of erotic horror and sci-fi stories, published by Tor in May, 2007. I like to think "Deep Inside" is funny as well as hot. Critic, writer and editor Nick DeMarino called it "one of the most imaginative, titillating erotica and social satire collections of the modern era." Buy it from Amazon here.

Here's some of the praise "Deep Inside" has received (more can be found on my Reviews/Interviews page):

"Dear Readers, I found this book difficult to read, because the blood kept leaving my brain and entering my penis... (it's called a boner). Very erotic stories you'll find here. If porn as we know it, is on the edge, then Polly Frost has leaped over it, with a double somersault and a twist. If I directed some of these fantasies, I'd either be the world's greatest adult film director ... or I'd be in jail. Enjoy this. I certainly did. And if you'll excuse me, I'm looking for a female Serzan." -- Ron Jeremy, porn legend

"Polly Frost has a wonderfully diseased imagination. This is Generation X erotica, where high school vamps and virgins meet the assorted creatures of the Black Lagoon and a collection of lurid sex monsters straight out of Forbidden Planet's Id. Both shocking and endearing." -- Maxim Jakubowski, editor, Mammoth Books of Best New Erotica

"With "Deep Inside," Polly Frost turns erotica on its head, making readers expect the unexpected from page one. Her stories' twists and turns make them all the hotter, from piercings and blood-suckers to magical dildos and futuristic sex machines, all featuring characters whose fetishes will dazzle you with their originality. Kinky to the extreme, these horny perverts know the brain is the biggest sex organ, so be prepared for mind-fucking extraordinaire as they leave their mark, often literally, on their lovers. However fantastical her scenarios, though, one thing Frost doesn't forget is the very human power of lust for another which pushes us along our individual erotic paths. Frost will very likely change the way you think of sex with this collection -- it's never as simple as it seems. Go deep inside her exotic world of dirty dreams, and you may never want to come out." -- Rachel Kramer Bussel, erotica anthology editor, writer

"Polly Frost is an awesome diva erotica queen writer!" -- Abiola Abrams, erotica series "Kiss and Tell" host

"A must-have for those who aren't afraid of exploring what turns them on!" -- Cindy Klimek, Playboy Magazine