The Bannings

 What's it like to co-write a psychological suspense novel with a 30-year-old female protagonist -- with your husband? Great, because my hubby is Ray Sawhill, a brilliant writer. And great because he brought his male perspective to our female-oriented, family-themed story that we like to think combines suspense, sociological observation, has some hot scenes -- and a lot of humor about our family-obsessed culture. If you're looking for a pop novel to entertain you on a trip home during the family-obsessed holidays, try "The Bannings."


Sometimes there’s nothing more frightening than your own vulnerability. At thirty, Lisa Banning has always been proud of her hard-won independence. She loves her work as a house restorer in Philadelphia, she enjoys her singles dating life and she has always considered her friends her true family. But when her friends start having kids and forming their own families -- and when Lisa meets handsome, trustworthy Kevin -- she starts to question herself. Is she really independent or simply running away from her vulnerability issues, whose roots go deep into her San Diego childhood? Her pursuit of the truth takes her from the backwoods of Pennsylvania to the seedy underbelly of Cabo San Lucas.