With One Eye Open


"With One Eye Open," brings together twenty-five of my humor pieces and stories. Topics include blogaholism, fitness trends, gamers, sex writers, carbohydrate addicts, and friendship in the age of the internet and cellphones.


"Miss Polly Frost is so funny, so wildly intelligent, and so mean to the unfortunate half-wits who cross her path, she is the Edith Wharton of her generation." --E. Jean Carroll, Elle columnist and life advisor at AskEJean.com

"In these sharp and unsettling, and very, very funny pieces, Polly Frost shows us how inordinately pleased too many of us are with the way we live now." --Daniel Menaker, author of A Good Talk: The Story and Skill of Conversation

"Polly Frost captures in fabulous details, the absurdity of life. Laughing out loud often follows. Whether it's inventing an I-Dog (cross between a phone and a dog) or seminars to help repressed bloggers release their inner critic, it's all here. Her work mixes highly observational smarts with a little bit of sass. It comes back and bites you in the ass when you're not looking." --Laura Banks, author of Embracing Your Big Fat Ass

"Polly Frost makes it look easy. I hate her." --Larry Doyle, author of Go, Mutants! and I Love You, Beth Cooper


"Polly Frost’s collection of humorous pieces, fifteen of which first appeared in The New Yorker or in Grin & Tonic on nook, the B&N eBook reader, is inescapably witty and unavoidably wry. So why don’t you go on ahead and give it a try? (And no, I have no aspirations to be the next Sylvia Plath, despite my penchant for derivative rhyme…)" --Lois C. Henderson, Book Pleasures (full review here) 

"Just as Benchley had a proclivity for presenting 'the commonplace as remarkable' – as James Thurber noted when he referenced his influence in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – Frost, whether it’s carbohydrates, or conversation, or punctuation, also has the wit and wherewithal to take the quotidian and make it quotable, or put drollery into the doldrums." Gordon Hauptfleisch, Blogcritics (Read the full review here.) 

"If you're not laughing at your life, you're doing it wrong. 'With One Eye Open' is a collection of writing and other works from Polly Frost as she launches her dedicated assault on humor and life around her. With plenty of musings and thoughts, Polly's work does well in offering much to think about and makes for a fun and fascinating read. 'With One Eye Open' is a solid addition to any humor collection." Midwest Book Review   

“Polly Frost is a humor writer, and in this collection of essays and short stories, she takes on writers who need to be reblocked, mommy bloggers, fancy dog breeders, people who try to diagnose everyone around them, and people who give monetary gifts to the arts, among many other things. Polly Frost has silver tongued wit, and it shows brilliantly throughout this collection … my personal favorite being the designer dog piece.  I see a lot of myself in several of the pieces Polly has written for this book, and if I can not laugh at myself, well what fun is life then really?” Tiffany Harkleroad, Tiffany’s Bookshelf (Read the full review here.)

“Polly Frost's humor collection, With One Eye Open, could could just as easily have been called, Both Eyes Open. Frost has her eyes focused on the ridiculous aspects of life, and anything is fair game in the chosen pieces. Frost understands our obsession with everything from computer games to the latest lifestyle fad. Any aspect of society is a likely target for her humor. It's all in fun … the stories poke fun at our lifestyle, everything from Twitter to addiction to sex. If you're looking for intelligent humor, try Polly Frost's With One Eye Open.” Lesa Holstine, Lesa’s Book Critiques (Read the full review here)

“Edgy, bright, and head-noddingly on point. Polly Frost serves up a little something for most funny bones.” (Lisa Romeo, Foreword Magazine)

"There were several themes in this book, that had me rolling on the floor with laughter… If we all looked at life like Polly Frost does, we would do a whole more laughing and a lot less crying. We might even look at exercise from a different perspective." Debbie's Book Bag (Read the full review here.)