Sex Scenes: The Audio

"Sex Scenes" is also a 10.6 hour audio play that features the voices of 33 top NYC actors.

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As an audio play, "Sex Scenes" is a raunchy, hilarious, and entertaining audio extravaganza -- a Hollywood-set comic epic. With 33 topflight New York actors recording more than 50 roles; with 10.6 hours of 17 stories featuring overlapping characters and themes; with high production values, and tons of raunch and humor, it's more like an audio version of a season of an HBO or Showtime series than it is a conventional audiobook.

After touring the material, Polly and Ray made the recording of SEX SCENES at World Wide Audio, a top sound studio owned and run by Georgia Hilton in New York's Tribeca neighborhood earlier this year. You can see the photo album titled "In the Studio" here.


Praise for "Sex Scenes"

  • "These delicious sex scenes are part Vegas, part Penthouse, part comic strip, and part Sam Spade. WOW!" Andre Gregory
  • "Aural sex!" Time Out New York
  • "The focus of the stories is sex but it's more than merely describing the act as they colour the scenes with comical lines and witty and uncensored dialogue!" Nan-Hie In, Escape Magazine
  • "Saucy! High on heat and low on inhibition!" UR Chicago
  • "A fun combination of sex and satire, one part Penthouse Forum, one part old-time radio drama ... adventurous listeners will enjoy the ride." Charles Ardai, novelist, publisher of Hard Case Crime
  • "Actors, who are almost inevitably better looking than poets, reading well-written erotic prose, in a sophisticated cafe venue, Can it get better than that? SEX SCENES always packed the house, and made people smile, and sometimes even think more deeply about intimate relationships and laugh about how crazy we all are. I've been involved with the production and promotion of god knows how many thousands of literary events, none more uplifting than SEX SCENES." Angelo Verga, poet and curator of Spoken Word events at the Cornelia Street Cafe
  • "Raymond Chandler meets Larry Flynt! This is immensely entertaining. In fact, you'll run off the road listening to this. With chapters with titles like 'Dick Worship,' you know this is not your average audiobook. Don't worry, nothing hardcore here, just adult language. And truly hilarious. Bravo!" Charlton Griffin, award-winning audiobook producer and narrator